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How to Live and Work with Multiple Bulging Discs

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Sep 02, 2013 @ 09:07 AM

bulging discs back painIf you suffer from back pain due to multiple bulging discs, it’s necessary to make some changes at work and in your life. If you try instead to ignore the pain, as you've probably noticed, it only gets worse and sudden, acute episodes become more frequent. 

Common causes of work-related back pain

The cause of most workplace back pain falls into 3 basic categories:  

  • Poor posture
    The importance of proper body position when sitting, standing and moving cannot be overstated. Slouching distorts the body's natural curves and over time creates excessive fatigue. Poor posture alone can make you more prone to injury by aggravating bulging discs.
  • Improper lifting and moving of objects
    If you attempt to lift items that are too heavy for you or do so without the necessary support and correct body position, you exert excess force on your back. This can cause sudden back pain, injury or more subtle damage to your spine over time.
  • Repetitive movements
    Repeating specific (and often unnatural) bodily movements needed for work may bring on muscle fatigue and injury to the back and other areas of the body.

Lifestyle factors that cause back pain

Outside of work, there are many activities and conditions that bring about back pain. Just living your life can cause back pain when you have multiple bulging spinal discs - especially if:

  • You are a weekend warrior
    If you save your major physical activity for the weekend, but are sedentary at work, you can cause strain to weakened muscles and aggravate bulging discs.
  • You have other health problems
    If your health is compromised in ways that seem unrelated to spinal health, you can suffer from back pain and damage more easily.
  • You perform other activities
    Cleaning the house, doing home improvement projects, running after the kids, playing or coaching sports, or sitting on the couch watching the game. Even driving without proper back support can bring on back pain when you have bulging discs.
  • You are over the age of 35
    As we age, our discs dry out and begin to bulge. It’s inevitable, but the ensuing back pain need not be a fact of life.

Avoiding back pain from multiple bulging discs

Both at work and in your daily life, you can have fewer sudden episodes of back pain and lessen the severity, if you:

Pay attention to posture: When standing, balance weight evenly on both feet, keeping shoulders back and relaxed, and pulling in your abdomen. When seated, make sure you can place both feet flat on the ground, knees level with hips. Support your lower back with a small pillow or rolled towel. Empty back pockets (including wallet and/or cell phone) to avoid adding pressure to your buttocks and lower back. If working at a computer, ensure monitor, keyboard, mouse and chair are positioned correctly.

Lift correctly: Get help if the object is too heavy. To lift: bend your knees, keeping back straight and lift with your legs while tightening core muscles. Keep the object close to your body. 

Modify repetitive motion: If you're on the phone often, use a headset. Alternate demanding and repetitive tasks with different/less demanding ones. Limit time spent carrying a heavy briefcase or purse, switching sides often--and/or try a rolling suitcase.

Change position. If sitting, stand up and stretch at least once per hour.

Exercise regularly: And maintain healthy weight.

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