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Treat Back Pains – WCIU’s You and Me This Morning

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Wed, Jul 31, 2013 @ 01:47 PM

Dr. Jeff joins Jeanne Sparrow and Melissa Forman on WCIU’s You and Me This Morning to discuss how any type of back pain should not be ignored. Any and all back pain is significant. Not all back pain will alter your life but it’s important to know it’s there. Don’t just assume the pain will go away over time because that is not always the case.

Be one step ahead of your pain by being aware that it is there. A minor injury might not seem like a big thing at the time but it can affect your future. It is important to know different back pain tips (sign up for Dr. Jeff’s top 10 back pain tips here). These simple tips can help you avoid future pain.


Sciatica Resource Center
The more intense pain can lead to irritation to the nerves. The nerves that come out of the spine are so close to everything that when there is a herniated and or bulging disc this can start sciatica pain. The sciatic nerve is the nerve that supplies the lower extremities (legs). It is the largest nerve in the body; it’s about the thickness of your thumb. Because of its size when it’s pinched it can cause “severe pain!” 60% of Illinois Back Institute patients suffer from sciatica. 


If the pain is not going away don’t keep waiting. The longer you wait the worse the pain will become. Our patients are the ones suffering with the worst kind of back and neck pain. 60% of our patients were recommended surgery by their doctors but instead came to us to avoid it. Half of back surgeries fail and usually the patient ends up worse then before the surgery. 25% of them end up having to have surgery again. The outcome for surgery is not good and that’s why people come to us for help. 


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