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Natural Treatment For Herniated Disc – Dean Jarog

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, Aug 09, 2013 @ 02:28 PM

About 40 years ago Dean Jarog injured his neck and back in a car accident. Shortly after the accident Dean was at work and both of his legs went out on him due to the disc pushing on his nerve. At the time his coworker who was 40 years old had gone through back surgery and had a bad outcome. Dean was only 22 years old and did not want to have such a risky surgery that could make things worse than what they already are. Dean did research and started to self medicate by stretching, exercising and strengthening his core. It took years of strengthening but he did end up seeing a great improvement.

Dean had seen the commercial for Illinois Back Institute a while back and saw our philosophy is similar to his. He then decided if he were to ever reinjure his back that he would try the Illinois Back Institute before considering anything else. Unfortunately, Dean injured his back during a cycling class. He injured himself on a Friday, was bedridden Saturday and Sunday, and started treatment on Monday and since then he has been improving.

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When Dean first came in he could barely walk. It took everything in him to get to the clinic. He described his pain level to be a 10-11 daily.  Dean’s MRI showed that a herniated disc was causing this pain. Dean is now almost finished with his treatment and his pain level is at a zero! 

“Travel and go to Florida and play golf that was my goal and I succeeded in doing that within about a month and a half of being with the institute here,” said Dean.

Dean’s main focus now at treatment is strengthening his back and core so that he is less likely to injure himself again. “They give you a lot of one on one training. Also, give you training on how to improve your situation with your muscles and your body so they can become stronger so you don’t have a reoccurrence,” said Dean about the Illinois Back Institute staff.

“I can probably do almost every activity that I was able to do previously, plus probably a little bit better!”

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