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Relief for Bulging Discs in the Neck & Lower Back Herniated Disc – Jan Golden

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, Jul 19, 2013 @ 02:46 PM

For the past 21 years Jan Golden has been the main caretaker of her 21-year-old spastic quadriplegic son. Her son now weighs 120 pounds and the stress of picking him up and taking care of him has taken a toll of her neck and back. Jan’s MRI showed that she had 2 bulging discs in her neck, 2 bulging discs in her lower back and a herniated disc in her lower back. The pain was so extreme at points that it felt like bees were stinging her down her leg.

Before coming into Illinois Back Institute Jan went to three different physical therapy places for almost 7 years. She had gone to chiropractors, has done injections in her spine and tried RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation) but the pain was still there. Her doctor recommended that she go ahead with surgery. Jan didn’t want to risk having failed back surgery because of her son. If anything were to happen to Jan then she would have to put her son in a home and that was not an option for her. Jan continued to fight through the pain.

New Call-to-Action
After seeing the Illinois Back Institute half hour show Jan made an appointment and came in. At that time she was taking ibuprofen daily and struggling through the days. Jan was at the end of her road with her pain level being a constant 10. For the first time in 7 years Jan said, “I can honestly say at my 16th appointment when I came in and they asked me what my back pain was I had nothing!”

Everyday was a struggle from getting dressed to taking care of her son to playing with her 9 year old twin boys. Jan stopped going to family functions because of her pain. Now after 3 months of treatment she can do all of those activities she struggled with without any discomfort at all. Jan never thought she would see the day where she was pain free. “My goal was to be able to sleep all night without any pain. I have reached that and I would say probably after 10 years is the first time I’ve slept all night.”

New Call-to-Action

"If I feel a little ache or something coming on I have the tools now to know what to do to better myself,” said Jan. Before Jan didn’t know any better and was lifting her son completely wrong which made things even worse on her back. The staff was able to give her tips to avoid pain while taking care of her son and living her everyday life.


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