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Marathon Runner Finds Relief For Bulging Disc & Sciatica – Tracie Hawes

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 11:49 AM

Marathon runner, Tracie Hawes, has been suffering with back and leg pain for the last 2½ years.

While training and running in the Chicago Marathon, she felt some pain shooting down her left leg. Tracie thought she must have pulled her hamstring, so after the race she went home, rested and iced it. She continued to train and run for the marathons that she had already signed up for. About two months later she felt even more pain during one of her marathons, so Tracie decided to go in and see her doctor.

Tracie Hawes

Her doctor sent her for an MRI where they found sciatica from bulging discs at L3, L4 and L5. Tracie’s doctor instructed her to continue resting and icing her back. Tracie didn’t really take his advice and when she felt good she would continue to work out and run.

Tracie went to physical therapy, chiropractors, and acupuncture and was taking pain medicine but these were all temporary. She also did 2 steroid injections in her back. For four months she felt relief and was able to get back into her normal routine. Then suddenly out of nowhere the pain came back and it was “ten times worse” than what she felt in the past. Tracie was suffering from painful back spasms and severe sciatica.



After seeing a commercial for Illinois Back Institute Tracie went online and scheduled an appointment. She watched the different testimonials and saw people who had it way worse than her find relief. “I said you know what? It doesn’t hurt to try.” 

Sciatica Resource Center

“My pain level has gone from 7 to like a 1½ in a short amount of time and I really believe it has something to do with the traction on those machines because as soon as they put you on the machines instant relief and when they release its like oh it’s getting better,” said Tracie about her treatment. Her main goals were to be able to sit, stand and sleep without any pain and she has accomplished all 3 goals. She also has slowly started running again and it feels good.  She keeps getting better and better which makes her excited for a pain free future. 

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