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Raymond Smith - Our Treatment Relieves His Degenerated Disc Pain

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Jul 08, 2013 @ 12:22 PM

In 1984 Raymond Smith was working on the tracks at Procter and gamble as a tank car unloader. It was a very busy day at work and Raymond had to straighten out a 25 foot 6 inch hose that product comes through. When reaching over to straighten the hose he heard a funny sound and then he felt a liquid sensation in his back. At the time it didn’t hurt so Raymond continued to work. Over time the pain worsened and worsened to the point where he could barley walk and had to take time off of work. 

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Raymond started going to numerous doctors to find a solution to his back pain. He was prescribed pain medicine and given cortisone shots. The pain actually caused him to develop a sleeping disorder and so doctors to help him sleep prescribed him even more pills. Raymond's MRI showed he was suffering from a herniated disc and degenerated disc disease. Raymond had sent his MRI in to doctors and was recommended that he go ahead with back surgery. “I got to the place where I couldn’t hardly walk straight because I had so much pain in my lower back and I just felt weak. And then I saw the commercial about the Illinois Back Institute,” said Raymond.

When Raymond first came into the Illinois Back Institute his pain level was anywhere from an 8 to a 10 depending on the day. He is now half way through his treatment and his pain level is at a 3. Before coming in he could barley walk, couldn’t do work around the house and found himself staying at home all the time because going out was too painful. “I can walk better and I have my balance and I’m doing a whole lot better then I was doing when I first started,” said Raymond. Raymond is now sleeping pain free throughout the night without medicine. He feels strength in his lower back. “Well I think my future is brighter then it was before because I’m able to do things that I wasn’t able to do. Like I said, I was pretty much just hanging around the house cause I could barley move around.”

Raymond has met a lot of other patients who have came in with the same back pain and has been able to show them that the treatment does work. When we asked Raymond what he would tell others who are suffering with back pain he said, “If your life has sort of stopped you need to come right away and I’m pretty sure that the program will be good for you!” 

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