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After Numerous Failed Back Surgeries Carla Finds Relief at Illinois Back Institute

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Jun 24, 2013 @ 10:27 AM

Carla Lollan has suffered with back pain over the past 9 years. One day after working out at home she felt some pain in her side but disregarded it. After a while she noticed the pain again. Carla then went into her primary care physician who said she had pulled a muscle and put her in physical therapy. Over time the physical therapy did not help and the pain worsened. She then went to a neurosurgeon and got an MRI done. Her MRI showed she was suffering from spinal stenosis and degenerated disc disease. Carla’s neurosurgeon assured her if she had the surgery the pain would go away. Carla trusted her doctor and had a lumbar laminectomy. After the surgery it took 12 months for Carla to even recover and the pain came right back. “It was just very, very depressing because I was already in a situation where I could hardly move and then with the surgery I was pretty much immobile,” said Carla.

Carla did feel some relief a year after the surgery but only a couple years later the pain returned. She went back to her doctor who told her that the discs above and below the disc he repaired were now herniating. Her doctor once again told her that the only option was surgery. “I didn’t know anything else but to do it and I was even sorrier that I did it because the second time, even know the recovery period wasn’t quite as long but I was still in excruciating pain,” said Carla.

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After Carla’s two failed back surgeries she went ahead and had two cervical fusions, acupuncture, machine stretching, steroid shots, pain medication and physical therapy. She did find some relief at time but all of those treatments were only temporary fixes and Carla wanted something permanent. “It felt a lot of times that the pain was controlling my life,” said Carla. Due to the back pain Carla has been out of work for 9 years.  The pain was all day, everyday.
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After seeing the Illinois Back Institute commercial one late night she decided to come in and give it a try. “Today makes my 11th visit and since I’ve been coming and I’m standing up straight where before I couldn’t even stand up straight,” said Carla. She loves the weightless feeling she has when walking on the machines. Since her first day of treatment she has been feeling better and better. When we asked Carla what she would tell others who are thinking about coming into the Illinois Back Institute she said “Stop thinking about it and just do it! Make the call! Make the appointment!”

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