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Lower Lumbar Herniated Disc Treatment – Mike Mele

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Wed, Jun 05, 2013 @ 04:30 PM

Five years ago Mike Mele injured his back while picking up his newly born son. The back pain would be on and off over the years until 8 months ago. The pain became so intense that Mike went to see an orthopedic doctor. The doctor ordered an MRI that showed he had a herniated disc. His doctor set him up with some physical therapy, steroids and a shot in his back. None of these treatments seemed to help. Mike’s orthopedic doctor told him that his next option was surgery. Mike did not want to go under the knife so he did some research and that brought him to the Illinois Back Institute.

When Mike first came into the Illinois Back Institute he wasn’t in too much pain but his whole left leg was numb from the knee down. The disc was so herniated that it was hitting a nerve causing his lower left leg to be numb. Mike was also having issues with lower back stiffness. Mike’s goal is to get back to being healthy. After 8 weeks he has 0 pain 5 to 7 days of the week and his stiffness level is down to 1. In that short of a period he is already feeling like he is back to his normal self.

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“My daily activities are becoming more normal again,” said Mike. He is running around with his kids and not having to think twice about his back pain. Even people at work have seen a difference saying he is moving a lot faster then before. Mike is truly excited about living a pain free life.

  • “I don’t think you have anything to lose coming here. It’s not like you are going under the knife. The worse case scenario you’re core strength will be increase because you have to do exercises 3 times a week and at home,” said Mike Mele.
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