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Spinal Stenosis Treatment For Tanya Heard

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Thu, Apr 25, 2013 @ 03:27 PM

Tanya Heard started feeling pain in her feet going up through her legs to her back. She went to two different doctors who did different tests on her legs. Then she went to a third doctor that suggested an MRI because the pain could be occurring due to a spine issue. Tanya’s MRI showed that she had a protruding disc and spinal stenosis. Stenosis is often characterized as developing slowly over time. Tanya has worked in the school system for 15 years so it did not surprise her when the back pain occurred. She continued to push through until she could no longer stand the pain.

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Tanya’s recommended she go through with surgery or start doing cortisone shots every 3 months. So she went ahead with the cortisone shots and actually felt great right after. But the pain came back before the 3 months ended so she started looking for another way to solve her back pain issue. Tanya’s husband saw one of our commercials and convinced her to give it a try before going ahead with surgery.

Tanya currently lives in Gary Indiana and didn’t want to waste her time driving all the way into our Orland Park Illinois clinic. She was very skeptical but still deciding to start therapy before going through with surgery. “It was worth the drive!” Tanya said. Tanya started treatment with a pain level of 7-8. She noticed that every week her pain level would lower and lower. By the third month she was pain free! Now Tanya feels great and no longer feels like she will need surgery in the future. “It’s a step to take to avoid surgery!” 

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“They can figure out what exercises benefit you better individually plus the therapy so after a month I couldn’t complain and I couldn’t be that skeptical.” Said Tanya. She has not only gotten better but enjoyed coming in and being with the staff every week. She felt safe with the staff always on the floor working closely with each patient. “The team here is awesome!”

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