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Exercises for Back Pain Relief – The Matrix

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Thu, Apr 11, 2013 @ 12:27 PM

At the Illinois Back Institute we use the matrix to do specific stretches and exercises to help our patients with their back pain. In the clip above, Jason Richards, one of our Physical Therapy Technicians, explains how we use to the matrix for toe touches and lunges. Toe touches and lunges work all the major muscles in your lower body and can help improve your balance.

How To Do Toe Touches On The Matrix

  • Pick a foot to start with either one is fine
  • Lead out with that foot reaching as far as you can
  • Slightly bending the knee
  • Do not lower the foot completely down just have the foot slightly touching the mat
  • After slightly touching your foot with the mat bring it back to center
  • Repeat this movement around that side of the matrix
  • Then switch and repeat with your other foot around the matrix.

How To Do Lunges On The Matrix

  • Like the toe touch start with either foot
  • Take one foot and step forward, keeping your back straight
  • Bend your front knee about 90 degrees
  • Lower your foot completely to the mat.
  • Then slowly bring your foot back to center
  • This time when you go around the matrix you are going to point your toe in the direction that you are moving.
  • Make sure to be turning all the way around when the foot is coming down to the matrix
  • Then repeat with your other foot on the other side of the matrix. 
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