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Wheaton Back Pain Doctors Review

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Mar 12, 2013 @ 02:41 PM

wheaton back pain doctors"I have been going to the IL Back Instutue - Wheaton Office for almost 3 months now. I have to say my overall experience has been very good. A little about me and my back issues. In 1992 I shattered one of my lower vertebrae (L-2) and I had several of my vertebrae fused (L1 through L3). I was fine for almost 20 years but I recently fell while running/playing with my kids outside and herniated 2 of my lower discs, L4 and L5 of the lower back. Severe pain! I could not even move or get up for about 15 minutes. I immediately went to the emergency room and they took X-rays which showed nothing was broken. Good news, but I could hardly walk, sit or stand because the pain was so bad. An MRI a few days later showed 2 bulging/herniated discs. After about 6 weeks I was feeling a little better (thanks to my old Chiro and laying down most of the day). So, after feeling about 80% better I found the IL Back Institute while Google-searching for a place to help heal herniated or bulging discs. I really did not want to have another surgery. So I met with their office staff and told them I was having a lot of pain if I sit or stand longer than 5 minutes. They said they could probably help. They had their medical doctor do an exam and I started going there a few days later for therapy. They reviewed my MRI and then Ruth (the physical therapist) came up with specific exercises and stretches for me to do. She even printed out a list of the exercises (along with how-to photos) for me to do at home. I must confess, I didn't always do them at home but most of the time I did because I really did want to get better sooner rather than later. Ruth is great to work with. If your exercises are causing you a lot of pain, just tell Ruth about it and she will come up with different ones for you to try. Now let's talk about Chiropractic care. I have been a fan of Chiropractors for over 20 years since I first shattered my spine and had surgery. They are not a cure-all for everything and some are better than others but Chiropractors have a lot of good insight for many things that may be causing you pain. The Chiropractor at the IL Spine Institute has been absolutely AWESOME to work with. He takes time to listen to you and find out what activities and exercises help and which ones hurt or don't work. The adjustments that he does are more specific than the old-fashioned chiro-style where you are twisted and "cracked" which sometimes hurts. I went to the twist and crack Chiro's for 20 years. They have their place and I would still recommend them, but if you have a complex situation like mine you may benefit from a more gentle Chiropractor like they have at the IL Back Inst. The other great thing about this place is you have a whole team of people to work with to figure out what is really causing the pain and then try different things to help it get less and less and hopefully disappear.  You have an MD (medical doctor) a DC (doctor of Chiropractic) a PT (physical therapist) and several technicians to help if you have questions. I must admit I got a lot of relief my first few weeks and then the progress seemed to go slower after that. Sometimes the traction vest that I was wearing was uncomfortable. I learned that if the vest is hurting or uncomfortable just tell someone right away and they will make an adjustment and it usual helps. Sometimes I felt like I just didn't want to go and I just didn't want to do my stretches, etc. But in the end, I feel like this place is helpful and that I benefited from going hear. I am almost done with my treatment. I have about 6 to 8 visits left. All of the staff have been great to work with. Dr. Sheley is the Chiropractor and he is really genuine and takes his time with you. Ruth will kick your butt into shape. Don't let her see you slacking or you may get a few extra exercises for at home. LOL! Then there is Brett and Maggie who are technicians. They are really nice to work with too. After almost 3 months I feel like these people are pretty much friends now. But, as with anything in life, you get out of it what you are willing to put in. I didn't like some of my exercises and stretches but I did them anyway because I believed they could help and I really wanted to get better. I wasn't crazy about going 3 times a week but I really wanted to get rid of the pain. Besides, that gave me 4 days a week of not having to go. I hope others that are hurting find this review helpful. At least be willing to meet them and give them a try. I can't speak for the other offices in the suburbs because I only go to the Wheaton location, but I would like to think that the other places offer the same services just with different staff." said Wheaton Patient Matthew Personette
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