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Failed Degenerated, Bulging and Herniated Disc Surgery – Meghan

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, Feb 22, 2013 @ 02:30 PM

Screen shot 2013 02 22 at 1.59.22 PM resized 600Polish immigrant Meghan moved to the United States almost 9 years ago. She had been suffering with her back pain for almost 16 years. When she got to the United States she went to a doctor right away to see what can be done about her severe back pain. After having an MRI done Meghan’s doctor told her she was suffering with degeneration as well as bulging and herniated discs. Meghan couldn’t believe that at the young age of 20 years old that she was already had so many back issues. Her doctor suggested surgery but instead she wanted to try everything else before going under the knife. Meghan tried physical therapy, chiropractors, pain management clinics, epidurals and steroid treatments but nothing completely stopped the pain. 

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The pain became so severe in 2008 that Meghan underwent a spinal fusion. “I thought that my back problem was over but it was just the beginning!” Meghan said. Around 6 months after the surgery her pain started to come back and worse then ever. “I felt hopeless and depressed. I could not stand the severe pain! There was no light in the tunnel of ever getting better!” said Meghan 

One Saturday Meghan’s husband saw the Illinois Back Institute commercial and suggested she give it a try. At first she was skeptical but after hearing all the information she decided to go through with the treatment. Meghan came in hardly able to walk with a pain level of 9. After 3 months of therapy Meghan’s pain level was at a zero!!! She was finally back to her old self and excited about her future! “I’d tell everybody that I know about the Illinois Back Institute and how wonderful the treatment is. It really helps! I experienced the treatment myself but I also experienced it through observation. It is amazing to see how people come in on a wheelchair or walk with a walker and progressively throughout therapy begin to walk.” Said Meghan. Meghan is now living her life pain free and doing all things she always wanted to do with her husband and baby girl.

  • “I encourage everyone with back problems to come here and experience the recovery. Thank you for getting my life back!” said Meghan
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