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l4 - l5 Herniated Disc Healing - Alan Campbell Testimonial

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 @ 12:49 PM

Alan Campbell had been suffering from back pain for most of his life due to a herniated disc in his l4-l5. He was in and out of physically therapy for years but after a while just learned to live with the pain. Until about a year ago Alan injured his back pretty badly where he knew he needed to get some help. Alan decided to get to go ahead and get two series of shots in his back. He knew this was not going to be permanent but it relieved his pain for the time being. After a few month Alan hurt his back once again and went forwards with another two series of shots in his back but this time the shots didn’t do anything for his pain. Alan needed to find something that would be permanent relief for him and not just temporary.

New Call to action

Alan refused to get surgery after watching the pain his father went through after having three back surgeries. Alan saw the struggles his father went through so he went to his doctor for another option.  Alan’s doctor suggested he start up physical therapy again. There was a physical therapy clinic right by his home but they didn’t specialize in back pain. Alan then got online and researched back pain specialist and found the Illinois Back Institute. On a Saturday he filled out the online survey and that Sunday he received a call and set up his free consultation for the next day on Monday.  After coming in for his free consultation he set up his start date for that Wednesday. But on Tuesday Alan started suffering from severe back spasms going all the way down his leg. The pain was so bad that Alan ended up going into the emergency room where doctors gave him drugs to reduce the pain. The next morning he called into the Illinois Back Institute to cancel his appointment but they suggested he come in anyway and that our treatment will help him feel relief right away. So Alan came in and went through the therapy. They were true to their word! Alan felt 15%-20% better and decided to continue with the treatment.

Ever since Alan’s first day he has progressively gotten better. Before coming to the Illinois Back Institute Alan was desperate. He works on machines for a living and due to the pain he was no longer able to do the physical work, which was causing him to lose income. Now after receiving treatment at the Illinois Back Institute Alan is able to get back to work and perform his job to the best of capabilities. The exercises he has learned have really helped him to strengthen his back. “They adjust around your needs and I can progressively see myself getting stronger!” said Alan. He is excited to get back to living his normal life. Before he hurt his back he use to race cars with his sons & now he feels he can finally get back in a race car and keep up with his sons. Alan hasn’t golfed for over 5 years and now can’t wait for summer to come so he can get back out on the course. “They put my mind at ease that I wasn’t wasting my time and looking back now I’m glad I made the decision to stick with it!” said Alan. 

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