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Back Pain Treatment Options – Jerald’s Testimonial

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Thu, Feb 07, 2013 @ 03:14 PM

Illinois Back Institute patient Jerald Takna suffered from a severe strain in his back causing him to end up under the knife. In 2011 Jerald was in severe pain and his doctors suggested he have a double laminectomy. Jerald thought surgery was the only way to go and went through with the double laminectomy. The surgery ended up not working at all. Jerald ended up with coming out of surgery with as much pain as he went in with.

Jerald’s doctors also suggested he start going to pain management. There he was given 3-4 injections and a Botox injection in his back. He was also prescribed Vicodin for the pain. None of these treatments helped with Jerald’s pain.

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  • “I’m in so much pain that I can’t walk from my bedroom to the bathroom. I’m going to go see this guy!” Jerald

Jerald came into the Illinois Back Institute and after only 6 sessions he felt a tremendous change in his pain. After 12 sessions Jerald thought he had been cured but he continued to come in and finish the program. Every session he learned more tips and exercises to strengthen his back. Then after 28 sessions he was completely pain free and ready to get back to living his life the way he was suppose to before that pain occurred. Jerald actually had another back surgery scheduled in July due to a bulging disc that spurred in his spine. Due to his commitment and hard work at the Illinois Back Institute he was able to cancel his surgery and no longer was suffering from the bulging disc in his spine. Jerald is now planning on going on vacation and living his life to the fullest pain free!

  • “You got my life back just like the commercial said. I didn’t believe the commercials but I believe it now!” Jerald
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