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Spinal Stenosis and Herniated Disc Natural Treatment - Karen Bullock

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Feb 04, 2013 @ 03:16 PM

Countryside Illinois Back Institute patient Karen Bullock had been suffering from a herniated disc and stenosis on the right side of her body. The pain was radiating from her right buttocks all the way down her leg reaching her foot. Karen was knocked down some stairs 18-19 years ago causing whiplash in her neck and that is how the herniated disc developed. After that she went to physical therapy for a year and was able to walk around but was still in pain. The about 3 years ago Karen tore her hamstring and adductor muscle in the front. That’s when Karen felt the extreme pain. So Karen went back to physical therapy for 12 weeks but the pain did not get better if anything it had worsened.

  • “Pain will make you change your mind. So I just stayed in the bed. I gained about 50 pounds. And it was too painful to even go out.” Karen Bullock 
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When Karen gave up on physical therapy she gave up on doing anything. She spent most of her days in her bed. Karen loves to travel, garden and cook and with her pain it made it impossible. After seeing a commercial for Illinois Back Institute Karen decided to give it a try. Her goal was to be able to walk again and live her life.

  • “It all works! The first time I came & got on the treadmill they said ‘Well we want you to walk for 8 minutes.’ I said ‘8 minutes? I can’t even stand for 2 minutes! What are you talking about 8 minutes?’ I walked 8 minutes! I couldn’t believe it! So that was enough go sign to keep me coming!” Karen Bullock 

After a few months of treatment Karen has already felt a huge difference with her pain. The different techniques and exercises are all working for her. Now when she walks 50 feet it doesn’t feel like she is walking 1000 feet. The therapy has not only helped Karen physically but mentally as well. Karen has recently purchased tickets to go on a cruise for 10 days. She can’t wait to be able to walk the boat and enjoy herself pain free!

  • “It’s a life saver!” Karen Bullock
  • “I can see a vast improvement in my pain since I’ve been coming here. My posture has improved. I’m sucking in my stomach all the time subconsciously so it works. I would recommend this therapy to anyone with back pains or neck pains.” Karen Bullock. 
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