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Failed Back Surgery – Don’s Testimonial

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

Illinois Back Institute patient Don had been suffering with back pain for the past 20-30 years. Over time the pain had gotten progressively worse. Don went to his doctor who suggested he get surgery right away. He also went to a surgeon who also told him surgery was the way to go. Don decided to go forward with the back surgery. Before the surgery he was told he was going to have a fusion on one segment of his spine. When he woke up after surgery the surgeon told Don that they actually did a fusion on 3 segments of his spine.

Don felt horrible after the surgery! The pain was worse than before. Don thought he was never going to be able to function again normally. He couldn’t work and his social life just went downhill. Don turned to taking pain medicine. He would come home from work in so much pain that he would immediately take pain pills just to be able to make it a little longer. The pain was out of control so Don went back to his doctor to see what else he could do. After a year and a half after his surgery Don was told he had failed back surgery and that he should go under the knife again. Don saw nothing good out of having surgery and didn’t want to go through that pain again.

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  • “I went back to my back surgeon. He said another surgery. And I was like why another one when I haven’t even gotten better from this one?” Don

Don’s friend suggested he check out the Illinois Back Institute. So instead of going under the knife he came in for a free consultation. Right away Don felt a change in his spine. After 3 months of treatment Don was pain free! He feels wonderful! Before his friends and family were very worried about him but now they see how he is happy again and living life to the fullest. Don can now do things that he could not do before. Don is off of pain medicine and now enjoying his life more than he ever has before.

  • “I can’t even put it into words. It’s like my life was given back to me. It’s like when you have a life and it’s taken away and then it comes back to you. It’s wonderful!” Don
  • “I wish I would of came her before I had surgery.” Don


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