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Non Surgical Treatment for Herniated Disc – Mercedes Matthews

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Wed, Jan 09, 2013 @ 02:08 PM

Mercedes Matthews at the young age of 12 years old was already suffering with severe back pain. On one summer day Mercedes went out tubing with her friends and family. The waves were strong and they were all getting tossed around. Mercedes twisted her back the wrong way while tubing and ever since that one incident she has been struggling with back pain.

Mercedes MRI showed she was suffering from a herniated disc. The herniated disc was making it hard for Mercedes to walk due to the pain radiating down her left leg. In some herniated disc cases symptoms like leg weakness or loss of leg function do occur. This made it very hard for Mercedes to live a normal 12 year olds life. Mercedes had to give up ice-skating, karate and many other fun activities. Her back pain was so severe that she had to leave class throughout the day to walk around.

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Mercedes parents took her to see numerous doctors and all of them came to the same conclusion that she was going to need surgery. At Mercedes age surgery on the spine could really impact her future and her parents didn’t want to take the risk. Mercedes father saw a commercial for the Illinois Back Institute and wrote down the number. Her mother then called in and set up a free consultation the next day.

Right away Mercedes started treatment and saw that the Illinois Back Institute was different than anything she had tried before. Using the MRI we were able to see the herniated disc and treat her with Functional Disc Rehydration. Through Functional Disc Rehydration we were able to relieve the pressure off the disc and allow nutrients to flow back into the disc through walking, sitting and lying down. After only 1 month Mercedes was already feeling relief in her back. The around 25 visits she was pain FREE! Mercedes is back to being active and living a normal 12 year olds life. She hopes to learn how to kayak with her Aunt soon. Something she never thought she was going to be able to do with her back pain. 

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