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Lower Back Pain Shooting Down Legs – Willie’s Testimonial

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 03:47 PM

While watching television one day Willie saw Dr. Jeff explaining the treatment that is done at the Illinois Back Institute. For the past 7 years Willie has suffered with tremendous back pain.  Willie suffered from lower back pain that shot down his right leg. The pain was excruciating! Over the past 7 years Willie went to numerous chiropractors. Some days the pain would go away and others the pain would be as bad as it was before. 

The doctors told him his back pain was not getting any better but actually getting worse and he should look into getting surgery.  Willie did not want to go down the surgery route.  After seeing Dr. Jeff on the Illinois Back Institute commercial Willie decided to give it a try.

  • “It’s better then taking the chance of having surgery you might end up in a wheelchair or walker or something.” Willie

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Willie completed treatment and now is feeling great! He no longer is feeling the shooting pain down his leg and is feeling better and better every day.  Willie loved the treatment and had a great time with the staff.

  • “I feel great now. I really do! I feel painless and I feel energetic. I can do things, you know, that I couldn’t do before. I was afraid I was going to break something. I just feel better! A whole lot better!” Willie 
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