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Back Pain Deaths Due To Prescription Drugs

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Nov 26, 2012 @ 01:19 PM

back pain prescription drugs

Anyone that suffers on a daily basis from back pain will understand the intense agony that has to be dealt with and most people who have this problem end up visiting a medical doctor, who then prescribes them drugs to alleviate the pain. While these prescription drugs help to take the pain away, they are also extremely dangerous and can actually lead to death. Prescription drugs and back pain are often associated with one another, but these drugs are extremely dangerous and people need to understand what the effects of taking them can be.

Painkillers such as hydrocodone have been prescribed to a number of patients suffering from back pain, and while they help to reduce the pain, they have also ended up being the reason why many of these people have died from an overdose of the drug. It has been reported that 3,733 people died from an overdose of prescription drugs between the years 2006 and 2011. Coroner’s records show that 1,762 of these people died solely because of the drugs. Some people mixed alcohol and illegal drugs with the prescription drugs, which ended up being the toxic cocktail that ended their lives.

General practitioners, pain specialist and psychiatrists who are working alone are prescribing more and more of these drugs to patients who suffer from back pain, and the death toll is rising each and every year. Some of these medical professionals have been convicted of drug related offenses, but most of them have spotlessly clean records and continue to practice. Patients that go to these doctors do not realize the danger that they are facing, and most are not thinking about those possibilities at the time because they are in too much pain when they get there.

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Prescription drugs and back pain may seem like they go hand in hand with one another, but the fact remains that people are dying from these drugs and do not need to continue using them when there is an alternative solution to their problem. Many people believe that these drugs are the only way to take away the terrible pain that they have to endure daily, which is not the case at all, there are alternatives for patients who are living with back pain.

One of these alternative solutions is Function Disc Rehydration. This treatment does not involve the use of any drugs and does not require ant type of surgery to fix the problem. It is perfectly safe and guaranteed to relieve the pain that patients are suffering from. This treatment was developed by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer and is offered at the Illinois Back Institute. Prescription drugs and back pain do not need to be the only solution anymore. 

The treatment involves taking the pressure off the vertebral discs, allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow back into the nucleus of the discs. A disc in the back that has been worn down has very little fluid in it and therefore becomes dehydrated. Function Disc Rehydration is a process where the specialist also works on reactivating and reintegrating the muscles by stabilizing and strengthening the spine of the patient. This treatment is extremely safe and is performed on children, people with sports related injuries, adults and the elderly, who all report having fantastic results. A team of MD, DC, PT, and PTA’s work together with each patient to customize the treatments for people who suffer from herniated disc, stenosis, degenerated disc, bulging disc, sciatica and back pain.

Dr. Jeff has conducted studies at Universities to prove that this treatment does in fact work and the results of the tests are all the proof needed that Function Disc Rehydration does in fact work to alleviate back pain in patients of all different ages. People suffering from back pain now have an alternative to the use of drugs and should seriously consider this treatment. Not only will it help with pain, it will also insure that you live a longer life. Prescription drugs and back pain are no longer required to be associated with one another.

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