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Bulging Disc l4 and Herniated Disc l5 s1 Treatment - Tom Clark

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Nov 27, 2012 @ 01:30 PM

Tom Clark came into the Illinois Back Institute with a cane bent over to the right due to his back pain. Without the cane Tom would fall forward. Tom was weeks away from scheduling an appointment to get back surgery. After seeing numerous doctors and back pain specialist Tom thought surgery was his last option. 

Tom’s MRI showed that he was suffering from a herniated disc in his l5 and a bulging disc in his l4. He was bent over to the right with extreme lower back pain radiating all the way down his left leg to his ankle. The pain was giving off a sensation that made his left ankle feel like it was being twisted. A herniated disc in your lower back will cause severe pain in your thigh, buttocks and below your knee. If a herniated disc is pressing the L5 nerve root on the left side that's travelling through is squeezing the left, so that’s why he probably felt symptoms on the left side of his body. The L5 nerve root goes down your leg, around the side of your calf, down your ankle, over the top of your foot, and into your toes. Your pain pattern most likely follows that path.

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Through the treatment at Illinois Back Institute Tom gradually started to straighten upright. Once he was able to stand up straight the pain began to disappear. Tom is no longer using a walker and can stand up straight without pain. He has been able to get back into his regular routine.

  • “It’s a very individual type of treatment.”
  • “If you are thinking about coming, I would definitely say to come to the Illinois Back Institute and let them take a look at you. I’m not a doctor but I suspect there are many many people that could avoid surgery.”

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