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Herniated Disc and Bulging Disc Testimonial – Joseph Johnson

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Nov 13, 2012 @ 04:08 PM

Orland Park patient Joseph Johnson came into the Illinois Back Institute suffering from a herniated disc and a bulging disc in his neck and back. Joseph had been suffering with back pain for many years but due to an injury he had to undergo hip revision surgery. The hip revision surgery caused his spine to be out of line and off balance. Soon after his hip revision surgery doctors suggested he immediately get back surgery. Joseph felt he couldn’t handle going under the knife again since he was still struggling from his past surgery. He thought there had to be another option and decided to give the Illinois Back Institute a try.

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Joseph Johnson’s MRI showed he was suffering from both a herniated disc and bulging disc in his neck and back. A bulging disc is more common but a herniated disc is more likely to cause pain. 

What is the difference between a bulging disc and herniated disc?

    • Herniated Disc is “non-contained” which means there is a tear or rupture present in the disc. A herniated disc might have begun as a bulging disc that created so much pressure on the outer wall of the disc that a rupture or tear has occurred.
    • Bulging Disc is “contained” which means there are no ruptures or tears within the outer layer of the disc. This is when a small bubble overhangs into the spinal canal.

 Joseph Johnson has finished his treatment at Illinois Back Institute and now is feeling excellent! Through Functional Disc Rehydration we were able to correct both his herniated disc and bulging disc.

    • “This is the problem solver. I would suggest to anyone before they have their first opinion and just got ahead and get cut on to come to Illinois Back Institute and let them solve your problem because they are qualified to do it!” 
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