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6 Things You Must Know If You Have A Herniated Disc!

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 01:23 PM

mri images of herniated disc

A herniated disc can be very complicated and very painful.  Each year there are more than 1.2 million Americans that undergo surgery on their spine, and a majority of these surgeries are for a herniated disc.  It’s TRIPLE the number of coronary by-pass surgeries -409,000.

You need to learn as much as you can so that you are not one of the 1.2 million. This blog will give you what you need to better understand what you can expect. The information I have collected here are from a series of blogs written about herniated discs.


1. For starters you need to know

    • What Is A Herniated Disc? (Click to Read this blog) From the Blog; “A herniated disc is one of the most common causes of back discomfort in adults, yet it remains one of the least understood sources of chronic pain. Each year, millions of people suffering from back pain caused by ruptured or herniated discs.


2. This blog was very popular because it gives an insight into why some procedures don’t help for a herniated disc.

    • The 4 Most Important Things to Know about Spinal Rehabilitation From the Blog; “What is spinal rehabilitation?  I think the answer may differ depending who you ask.  Chiropractors have one perspective, physical therapists will have their point of view and a surgeon may have completely different opinion of what it means.  The problem is they might all be right.  So how do you know what to do?”

New Call-to-Action 

So far we covered what a herniated disc is and why certain therapies don’t work.  The next thing you need to know is that herniated discs CAN go away. The procedures that we use at the Illinois Back Institute, known as Functional Disc Rehydration, will eliminate your herniated discs without any drugs or surgery. The next blog is about Allen Gill he like many of our patients had a complete elimination of his herniated disc.  The photo above is Allen Gill’s before and after MRI.


3. Allen Gill had suffered for years with a herniated disc before we performed our procedures.  Click on the blog below for more of Allen Gill’s story. This is definitive proof from his MRI that the herniated discs will go away.

    • Herniated Disc L5 S1 Treatment Reveals Complete Elimination Without Drugs or Surgery! (Read this blog and see the pictures there are many more to come we have a very large collection of MRIs to post on our website so keep a look out!) From the Blog; “Using a process known as functional disc rehydration we at the Illinois Back Institute are able to eliminate herniated discs using a process that allows the gel from the disc known as the nucleus to move back into the disc and heal.  This process can completely eliminate herniated discs without drugs, shots, or surgery!”

Now knowing what a herniated is and how to treat it and what it looks like, the next obvious thing is that this process works on all types of herniated discs.  I have included 4 stories in the following blogs.


4. This process works see the stories here! 

    • Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated Disc and Degenerative Disc(Click to Read this Blog) From the Blog; “Bobby spent many years in Europe competitively lifting. All of those years of lifting put a huge strain on her back. When she came into the Illinois Back Institute her MRI showed degenerated discs and herniated disc.”
    • Herniated Disc Sciatica Treatment at Illinois Back Institute (Click to Read this Blog) From the Blog; “Before coming into the Illinois Back Institute Francisco Perez tried different chiropractors but they misdiagnosed him so they were not treating the actual problem. He bought a special bed and pillows but still no relief. His doctor recommended him for surgery but after going over the stats he decided surgery was the wrong way to go.”
    • Pain Relief For Herniated Disc at the Illinois Back Institute (Click to Read this Blog) From the Blog; “Debbie suffered a sciatic episode in the summer of 2010 and began to feel numbness in the leg and foot, but did not think to address the problem. In February of 2011 her condition was exacerbated when Debbie suffered a fall on the ice and was taken to the ER for her severe back pain. She was prescribed Morphine to manage the pain. After her trip to the ER Debbie was prescribed Ibuprofen to help with the pain.”
    • Herniated Disc Rehabilitation (Click to Read this Blog) From the Blog; “Illinois Back Institute patient Elaine Jones came to us suffering from 3 herniated discs that were bulging. A herniated disc happens when an intervertebral disc degenerates and weakens enough to rip open, occasionally allowing inner core disc material to leak into the spinal column. Elaine began to feel a burning sensation in her right leg and was in such much pain she barely able to walk.” 

5.  There are other options for herniated discs, and they are not very good. Will Hunt tried surgery, read about his story here.

    • Lower Back Surgery Only a Temporary Solution for Will Hunt (Click to Read this Blog)  From the Blog; “Illinois Back Institute patient Will Hunt had been suffering from severe lower back pain for many years. In 1987 he decided to go ahead with his first back surgery. This surgery focused on his sciatica. Unfortunately, after 5 years the pain came back. Will’s pain was so intense that he felt the only option was to keep going under the knife. Before coming to the Illinois Back Institute Will had a total of 4 back surgeries and each time the surgery was only a temporary solution and was looking for a permanent solution.”
    • Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Linked to Steroid Shots  (Click to Read this Blog) We all know about the tainted steroid medication that many tried for their problems read about this here. It’s sad and scary. 

6.  Before and after treatments there are things you can do to eliminate the problems from coming back. Check out the links below for those treatments. Make sure to read the tips they are really important.  Also, sign up for the top ten tips. They are scientifically proven to help prevent and eliminate back pain associated with herniated discs.

So what you need to know is there are good ways of managing your herniated disc.  Functional Disc Rehydration will be a great choice!

pain study functional disc stabilization

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