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The 8 Most Important Things You Must Know If You Are Dealing With Sciatica!

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Oct 08, 2012 @ 02:35 PM

dealing with sciatica       Recently I have written several blog posts about Sciatica.  As many of you may know, I suffered with severe Lower Back Pain and Sciatica for about 10 years. As result of this I spend most of my time thinking about Sciatica and Back Pain (all day every day).

       My goal is to be able to help you by shedding some light on the topic.  Studies suggest the more you   know about Sciatica, the more likely you are to eliminate your Sciatica.  (Your prognosis improves!)  So the more you read of this article, the better your chance of getting better.

This blog is going to be a consolidation of all the information about Sciatica you need to get better. It might be long but spend a little time reading and you will see the light!

1. The first place to start is really, “What is Sciatica?”  The short version of this question is that Sciatica is a pinched nerve. Sciatica is not the cause, only the symptom of another problem.

2. The second thing you need to know is, “What are the symptoms associated with Sciatica?” Some are serious and the longer you wait to get Sciatica treated, the more severe it becomes.


3. Know what Sciatica is and what you might feel is important. But even more important than that is knowing what is causing Sciatica. We know Sciatica is the symptom of a cause; the question is what is the cause? There are 5 main causes! At times clinicians become so focused on the symptoms that they tend to miss the cause.  This is what makes the problem confusing for patients. Read about the hidden cause:

4. While it is a must knowing what the causes of Sciatica are, knowing what the underlying factor leading to the condition is where the magic resides.  I have written several blogs about what I call insight to therapy and causes. Typically there are several causes of Herniated Discs and Bulging Discs or any other condition leading to Sciatica.  I call these blogs INSIGHTS. I will be writing more of these types of blogs in the future look for them, I will call them INSIGHTS.

5. Eventually we get around to treating the causes and conditions that are responsible for the pinched nerve.  I have several blogs written about foods that will help your condition. Our treatment is more advanced than just eating food (More on our treatments later). There are several foods that will help your condition. A small change to your diet can really help the pain.

6. We also have our top ten tips. These are important for eliminating the things you might be doing on a daily basis that could be preventing you from getting better. Studies show that by adhering to the top tem tips you can eliminate 35% of your pain. This is real simple sign up and watching the videos will help.  If you’re looking for help then do it!!!

7. I put together some videos and papers about our treatment. They consist of what you can expect with our treatment, how it works and what it looks like. There are no drugs or surgery and it typically feels good.  There are several videos that show the staff, the clinics, and more exercises to help you relieve your suffering.

8. Lastly, I have a few videos and stories about our patients that have suffered from Sciatica. Some of these are extreme. One patient was contemplating suicide because of the pain; another was in so much pain that they were sliding into a deep depression.  If we can help them we can help you! We have many more patients we saved, we will send out their stories in our monthly newsletter. Make sure you sign up!

This information is designed to help you better understand your condition, so you can start to live again.  You are not alone. I understand back pain and pinched nerves because I lived with it for 10 years. I am here to help you.


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