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Treat Sciatica Pain at the Illinois Back Institute

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Fri, Oct 05, 2012 @ 03:33 PM

best sciatica treatmentSciatica can stem from the following

1)     Bulging Disc

2)     Degenerated Disc

3)     Herniated Disc

With all three conditions the Illinois Back Institute has a solution for you, called Functional Disc Rehydration!

It consists of traction in three different positions which help relieve Sciatica:

1)     We use traction when walking on the treadmill. This helps with muscle endurance and also unloads the disc as well as takes pressure off the joints.

2)     Traction in a chair which allows us an opportunity to target the sciatic nerve in 360 degrees whether it is going down your right or left extremity or your leg. We can take the pressure off the disc by leaning you to one side to unload the disc which allows nutrients to flow back into the disc known as Functional Disc Rehydration. This in turn relieves the pressure and pain that you are feeling.

3)     Traction on our vibration bed while you are lying down. This is the same concept we use in the previous two positions. The table allow us to really get at your sciatic symptoms whether it is symptoms in the Gluteus area or for some people it travel all the way down to the ankle

Our goal is to bring this disc back into place. Think of your disc like a jelly filled donut and when you squeeze the donut the jelly begins to come out. That is what is going on with the disc. We want to inflate the “donut” or inflate the disc to bring the jelly back in. That is our goal here at the Illinois Back Institute  to bring the disc back in which frees up the nerve and the sciatica systems are eliminated with our therapy by cutting edge protocol we are able to meet this goal. 

Along with the traction equipment we also work on exercises. Our Doctor of Physical Therapy will do an evaluation and check out which muscles are out of balance. They look at the following:

1)     Strengthening

2)     Flexibility

3)     Balance

These three components in conjunction with the traction help alleviate the sciatica symptoms that you are having in your leg or Gluteus area to take away the sciatic pain. The Doctor of Physical Therapy works on stretching exercises that focus on the Parformis which is a muscle found in your Gluteus. We want to make sure that the muscle is flexible to allow the sciatic nerve to run down the leg to help decrease that pain you have. These sessions are followed up with core strengthening which consists of abdominal exercises and back extension exercises to help with the Multifidus muscle found in the lower back.

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