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Back Pain -What Can Recreational Golfers Learn from the Pros

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Feb 14, 2011 @ 08:19 PM

golfing with back painA pro golfer has to be at the top of his game, to be on top of his game he must have a consistent shot! What does it take to get a consistent shot? (2 very important things)

  1. Know how to hit a golf ball.  (The Obvious one)
  2. A very high level of function.

There are many ways to learn to hit a golf ball. The easiest is to pay for it. Pay to take lessons from a good teacher and practice. When Tiger Woods is asked how he got so good at golf, here was his answer. This is very important, so pay attention he said"PRACTICE". He didn't just say practice he said "Practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more!" Makes pretty good sense, but that is not the only factor to be a better golfer. It turns out there are hidden factors. These are the ones that we don't always hear about. It is probably because it is a little harder to understand.

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Most professional golfers function at a very high level. What does this mean?

A pro golfer can hit the ball 30% further than a recreational golfer; this is not just because of practice. It is often a result of better function.  An important factor in golfing is your body's ability to function the way it was designed. A good example of poor function is; like driving your car with 2 flat tires. It is not functioning at its highest level.  With 2 flat tires you would want to take you care on the highway and go 60 miles per hour. This is because cars need air in the tires, and to function at the highest level tiers need an exact amount of air.

Every golfer, including myself, works hard to perfect their form in order to hit the ball further and straighter. We take the lessons and go to the driving range but we don't always get the results we want or worse yet the more we practice the more pain we develop. Half of all recreational golfers have back pain, and one third of all professional golfers have back pain! This is a direct result of decreased function. When the parts are not working together we lack function. There many reasons why we don't have proper function, all of which are related.

The main reason we lack function, is from faulty movement patterns. This often is from old injuries that have healed wrong and we compensated.   We also will develop changes in our movement patterns from tight or weak muscles. When you have a faulty movement pattern, you are less effective and less efficient. Just like your car with 2 flat tires.... less effective and less efficient. The key to good golf that is pain free is to be functioning at your highest level.

I have treated over 3000 patients with back pain and I have also had back pain that was so severe I could hardly live. I know what it takes and I understand function. When we treat golfers with bad back not only do they fell better (pain is gone), but they play the best golf of their lives. The key to good backs and better golf is improved function. I am putting together 10 tips for golfers to achieve better function. These tips will be released soon. I will be submitting more articles to help people become better golfers and live pain free. Remember we all need function! If your tires are flat please fill them up. You will be happier you did.

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