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Back Surgery for UConn Basketball Coach Jim Calhoun's

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 07:55 PM

UConn’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun underwent spinal surgery removing a "large extruded disk fragment" that had been pressing on a spinal nerve, the school said. Doctors originally diagnosed Coach Calhoun with stenosis.  Stenosis is a Greek term meaning "narrowing or constricting space". This occurs in the spinal column where the spinal cord, nerve roots and vertebrae are located. The issue with this diagnosis is that stenosis usually happens over time where Coach Calhoun’s pain came on suddenly.

After the doctors went ahead with surgery they found that a herniated disc was really causing his pain. The disc was being pushed into the spinal canal causing pain. He probably was suffering from some sort of stenosis but the main cause of pain was the herniated disc. During Coach Calhoun’s surgery they were able to go in and shave off the herniated part of the disc and pull that part out freeing up space where the nerves were being pressured eliminating some of his pain.

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Our treatment at the Illinois Back Institute can relieve pain this type of back pain without invasive surgery or drugs! Through Functional Disc Rehydration Dr. Jeff and the Illinois Back Institute have developed a herniated disc treatment that targets the core problem leading to disc degeneration, giving patients a viable option to the normal invasive procedures of surgery and painful injections. Functional disc rehydration treats the condition from the inside out, and works with the body's own healing properties by resupplying the damaged disc with the substance which can lead to the susceptibility to injury when missing. Functional disc rehydration is a means of going after the heart of the problem, and letting the body help to heal itself.

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