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Swim Your Way Out of Back Pain!

Posted by Dr. Jeff Winternheimer D.C. on Mon, Apr 23, 2012 @ 07:18 PM

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SWIMMING is a great tool for relieving forms of back pain! It’s especially effective at helping to heal & prevent muscular back pain. Since the water counteracts the force of gravity & takes the pressure off the spine & back muscles. Swimming increases general circulation which means more oxygen will reach the back muscles.

Here are some easy pool exercises to help you get started:

  • Stand in chest-deep water with your arms stretched out holding the edge of the pool. Press your hips forward, lift the chest, and then press your hips back and round the spine. Make sure your feet stay planted on the ground instead of rocking.
  • High kicks! Stand by the pool wall in water chest high and your left hip toward the wall. Lift your right leg as high as you can, holding the knee straight and the foot flexed not pointed. Keep your back straight. Push your right leg down and back so it ends behind the left leg. Keep the right leg and your back straight during this movement. Do 20 to 30 repetitions on each side.
  • You will need a pair of water barbells for this exercise. Stand in chest-high water. Extend your arms out straight, shoulder level, palms are facing down. Push your arms down to your sides, keeping your elbows straight. Slowly brings your arms back up. Do up to 20 repetitions to strengthen your middle and upper back and your shoulders. To make this exercise easier do it in shallower water.


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However, repetitive or awkward movements in the pool can lead to injury, so it’s important to learn the proper safety methods and techniques to avoid injury to the back. Trying to be Michael Phelps could injure your back more! So be safe! Do NOT swim alone! Make sure a lifeguard or friend is always with you. It is important to check with your doctor before doing any exercises. Everyone has a different diagnosis so swimming might not be for you.

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