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Back Pain Relief Tip: Are You Breathing Correctly?

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Feb 22, 2016 @ 04:48 PM

breathing_exercises2.jpgThe way that you breathe can have a big effect on your back pain. Obviously, breathing is a extremely important part of our lives, and not something that most people think twice about. However, what people many do not realize is that the way they usually breathe is incorrect, and can actually be contributing to their back pain!

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The thing that is affecting most people's breathing is that they are constantly holding their stomachs in and keeping those muscles tight. By doing this, it forces them to only breathe from their chest and rib cage. This can actually make back pain worse! A good way to tell when this is happening is when a person inhales; if their upper chest and shoulders are moving up and down, then they are most likely breathing wrong. This is why this week's back pain relief tip is about the proper way to breathe ... by breathing from the stomach!

Many people probably do not believe the way they breathe can make much of a difference, but breathing from the stomach instead of the chest can help to prevent back pain. You take deeper breaths when breathing from the stomach, and this can reduce stress and have a calming effect. So, the tip for doing this is rather obvious: try to breathe so that your stomach moves in and out instead of your chest. By repeating this exercise you will teach your body how to breathe properly, which will reduce your stress levels and prevent back pain!

You can watch this video below to better understand this tip:


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