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Anthony Finally Found Relief From His Degenerated Disc Pain At IBI

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Thu, Apr 05, 2018 @ 04:37 PM

Anthony Testimonial 470x246Anthony's back pain began when he was in college out in Ohio. The pain was originally just in his lower back, but then after a while it also moved into his neck. He tried various methods of rehabilitation to try and relieve the pain, but nothing ever worked and the pain just continued to worsen. It was beginning to break him down and take over his life! Thankfully he came to the Illinois Back Institute for help.

While in college Anthony was a kicker for his football team, but towards the end of his sophomore year he began feeling some pain in his lower back. The pain persisted into his junior year as well, so he consulted his team doctor about it and was diagnosed with a disc problem. They suggested rehabilitation to treat the injury, which Anthony began right away.


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Unfortunately the rehab wasn't working, and the pain kept increasing. When the first place he went for treatment didn't help he tried another, but that one was no better. The pain just kept getting worse and worse. Not only that, but it then started to move into his neck as well! When that happened the pain really started to become nearly unbearable, and Anthony was feeling more and more helpless. He still wasn't feeling any better, he didn't know what to do about his back and neck pain, and he didn't feel like he had the knowledge or the tools to figure out how to fix his problems!

Entering into his 4th year of college, Anthony's back and neck pain was worse than ever. It was so severe that he couldn't even be on the football team anymore. He tried to power his way through the school year but eventually the pain wore him down completely.

"Eventually I got to the point where I broke down, I had to call my parents and say I can't do it anymore, I need to come home."

It was one of the hardest things Anthony ever had to do, but he knew he had to step away from school and everything else so he could finally find out what was wrong with his back and neck, get his pain under control, and get healthy again.

Once he was back home Anthony was finally able to see a back specialist, who recommended that he go to a well known back treatment facility in the area for therapy. He did as the doctor suggested, but after he was discharged he again didn't feel any different. Anthony was still not any closer to finding answers to his back and neck pain, and it was becoming extremely frustrating and stressful for him. He was doing everything he was supposed to, and he was working hard at it. All day, every day, whatever the doctors and therapists told him to do, he did it. But all of that hard work was not helping with his pain, and it was very discouraging for him.

Anthony had all but given up hope of finding relief for his back and neck pain, but his dad was still doing research to find a solution. That's when he learned about the Illinois Back Institute. He liked what he read about us online so he convinced Anthony to come for a Free Consultation just to see what our treatment was all about. From the very first time stepping foot into our clinic he knew that it was the place for him. He liked how the treatment protocol at the Illinois Back Institute was different than all of the other therapies he had previously tried, because it combines several different methods to treat back pain. And Anthony knew from experience that each case of back or neck pain is different, and sometimes one type of treatment alone isn't enough to relieve the pain. After his Free Consultation he was ecstatic because he felt that he had finally found the place that could help him!

One of the first things we did with Anthony was to test him on the Oswestry Disability Index, which measures how disabled a person is due to their back pain. He scored as 60 percent disabled, meaning that his pain was having an impact on nearly all aspects of his life, and cases this serious are nearly always a candidate for surgery. But Anthony wanted to avoid that at all costs; he had spoken to several football players who had had the surgery done and saw that it was only a temporary fix. He was looking for a more permanent solution.

Anthony has been extremely pleased with his therapy at the Illinois Back Institute. He loves the team at his clinic, who he feels are extremely knowledgable about his problems and what is needed to be done to fix them. He also felt like they understood what he has been through and took into consideration what his needs were, which he really appreciated. Most important of all, he finally felt like he had the knowledge and the tools he needed to overcome his back and neck pain!

Anthony knew it would take a lot of hard work, but now he feels like a new man. He recently began running again for the first time in over 4 years and feels amazing. He finally was able to get his life back, and we can do the same for you!



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