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Annie Is No Longer Suffering From Her Herniated Disc, Thanks To IBI

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Tue, Mar 13, 2018 @ 05:35 PM

Annie 470x246.pngAnnie came to America over nearly 50 years ago, and has worked in the healthcare field as a Nurse's Assistant for much of that time. She had never really had any problems until about two years ago, when she felt what she called a "pinch" in her left side. This led to lower back pain that continued to worsen over time. Annie saw many doctors but none could do anything for her back pain, until she decided to come to the Illinois Back Institute.

When Annie's back pain first started, she decided to see one of her coworker's doctor for help. She went for a MRI but all the doctor could tell her is that the pain was due to her lifting and pulling patients at her work. But that didn't help! Annie needed a diagnosis so that she could treat her low back pain that was slowly getting worse.

Next she went to see a doctor that she used to work for over 30 years ago. He looked at her MRI and decided that she need a cortisone shot, or epidural, in the spine. Annie was immediately very skeptical about this. She knew epidurals, like what women get to relieve pain when giving birth, are only temporary. So she didn't see how this could fix her problem on a permanent basis. 

Even though she was unhappy about it and very doubtful it would work, Annie decided to go through with the cortisone shot anyway. And just as she feared, the shot was only useful for two weeks before the effects wore off and she was in severe pain again.

After that Annie went to a couple more doctors who could not do anything to help her with her lower back pain. One doctor looked at her MRI and told her she had two dots, but didn't explain what that even meant. Annie worked in healthcare, so she knew enough to know that wasn't a diagnosis that could help her.

Eventually Annie took the situation into her own hands. She did some research and found about about the Illinois Back Institute on Facebook. She was a little unsure on if IBI could help her after all of the other bad experiences she had been through already, but she decided to schedule a Free Consultation to see if we could help.

Annie was nervous at first about coming to the Free Consultation but she could tell right away that the people working in the Illinois Back Institute's clinics knew what they were doing. She knew immediately that the treatment was her style and she decided that she wanted to begin treatment as soon as possible.

We saw from her MRI that she had a large herniated disc, and we knew we could treat it. Annie figured she would have to put in the work to fix her back pain, because it's not something that can be taken care of overnight, and she was right. But after a couple of weeks, she started feeling better and she knew she had made the right choice.

Annie has been so pleased with her results that she has been recommending the Illinois Back Institute to all of her friends. She even cooked for the technicians at the clinic because they work so hard to help people with their back pain and she wanted to make sure they keep their strength up!



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