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After 15 Years Of Back Pain, This Teacher Can Run And Play With Her Kids Again

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Thu, Jun 08, 2017 @ 05:03 PM

Danielle Freeman 470x246.pngDanielle Freeman is a physical education teacher who also coaches track and cross country at her school. She first came to us after seeing one of our commercials, and she thought, "What the heck?" She had been suffering with back pain since she was just out of high school, and had already gone to see several doctors for help, but their treatments were ineffective. She was in constant pain now and was looking for any way to help relieve it. So she decided to give the Illinois Back Institute a try.

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Danielle's back pain first started years ago as a result of her running. She first started running at the age of 12, and she had been a competitive distance runner from high school through college and even afterwards. She thinks all of that running had a cumulative effect on her back pain.

As she put it, "My body has taken a lot of pounding over the years" from running.

When the pain first started it was minor and something she could just ignore or power through. It wasn't affecting her life so she wasn't too concerned. But after having kids, her pain rapidly started getting worse. For the last 4 or 5 years it had been a nearly constant, stabbing pain. And it got worse any time she picked up or played with her kids. It was affecting her ability to teach, since as a physical education teacher she needs to be active along with her students. It had gotten so bad that it prevented her from working out or even running anymore!

Danielle had seen several doctors and tried several different treatments to try and alleviate some of her pain. These treatments included:

  • Wearing a back brace
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic therapy

None of these were very effective. One of her doctors even suggested she should just quit running! That wasn't an option for Danielle, not only because she loves to run, but it is a part of her job as well.

When Danielle first came to us we asked her to describe her pain on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst pain imaginable. She said on an average day her pain was between an 8 and 9, and a bad day it was a 9 or 10. We also tested her on the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), which is a scale used by doctors to measure the level of a person's disability due to pain. Her ODI was a 48, which is considered a Severe Disability and means that the pain is heavily impacting all aspects of her life. People with pain levels that high and for that long are almost always recommended for surgery. 

We sent Danielle to get an MRI to determine just what was causing her back pain. The MRI showed that she had a very large 4 mm Herniated Disc at L5 S1 that was the main cause of all of her back pain. We began our treatment immediately to reduce the herniation. Her results were astounding:

  • In the first month, her pain level was 8-9 and her ODI was 48
  • In the second month, her pain level was down to a 3 and her ODI was a 12
  • By the third month her pain was a 1 and her ODI was a 2, and she was able to start running again

When she finished her treatments at our clinic, she was sent for a follow-up MRI and it showed that her Herniated Disc had greatly improved! Her pain was gone and the flexibility in her back was much improved. She can now play with her kids and teach like she used to, and she is even back to running again and recently competed in a 5K marathon!

"I felt like a 16 year old at a track meet again."

Danielle's back pain was so bad that it changed her life and prevented her from doing what she loved. Thanks to the Illinois Back Institute, she was able to get her life back! If you are suffering with a Herniated Disc or other back problems, we can help!



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