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7 Things Santa Claus Can Do To Prevent Back Pain This Christmas

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Dec 23, 2019 @ 03:10 PM

Santa 470x246Christmas is nearly here, which means it's almost time for Santa Claus to make his trip to deliver presents to all the good girls and boys around the world. But delivering all of those gifts in one night can probably be pretty tiring, and can potentially lead to back pain if Santa isn't careful. So here are 7 tips that Santa, and anyone else, can use to prevent back pain this holiday:

1. As always, it is vital to stretch first before doing any kind of strenuous, physical activity. Rumor has it that Santa always makes sure to stretch thoroughly to keep his muscles loose and limber before beginning his journey each Christmas Eve. These sciatica stretches are great for helping to prevent and relieve back and sciatica pain.

2. Santa is always carrying a large sack over his shoulder filled with presents. But that can really cause back problems, much like when carrying a backpack. Click here to learn the right and wrong ways to carry backpacks (or large present filled sacks).

3. Sitting in the sleigh for long periods of time might not be the most comfortable for Santa. He should make sure he sits as straight as possible, and remember to do a Micro Break every hour or so to relieve tension in his shoulder, back, and neck muscles!

4. Santa often has to carry large or awkward presents. It's very important to be careful when doing so because one misstep can cause a back injury. Here are some tips about how to move items without causing back pain.

5. When placing gifts underneath the Christmas tree, there is a lot of bending over involved. Santa needs to be careful and remember to bend at the hips instead of the back so he doesn't strain anything. The hip hinge method is a great way to do it!

6. Having to get in and out of his sleigh so many times in one night could be a big cause of back pain for Santa, so it's important that he knows the correct way to exit a sleigh (or car).

7. Santa's making a list and checking it twice, and he most likely has to constantly look down at his Naughty/Nice list throughout the night. This can lead to neck pain from a condition called "List Neck", which is very similar to the Text Neck that people can get from looking down at their smartphones too often. Find out how to prevent List Neck (and Text Neck) here!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Illinois Back Institute!



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