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5 Vital Facts About Fusion Surgery Everyone Should Know

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Feb 10, 2020 @ 04:03 PM

10092613-lumber-fusion-surgery-to-cure-lumber-spine-painAt the Illinois Back Institute, we have a lot of patients who come to us for treatment because they either want to avoid surgery, or they already had surgery and it did not work out like they had hoped.

When patients are recommended for surgery, it's usually because they have been suffering with severe and chronic back pain, and the traditional forms of treatment they've tried haven't offered any relief. Often at this point, their primary care doctor may tell them that surgery is their only option.

But what many people are finding out is that surgery is not the solution they had hoped for!

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The most common type of surgery for back pain is fusion surgery, where they use screws and a rod to fuse two vertebrae together with the hope that doing so will end the patient's back pain. But, there are many dangers involved with such a procedure.

Here are some facts about this type of surgery that everyone needs to know:

1. It's very invasive - Fusion surgery is the most invasive of all back surgeries. And because it is in a very delicate and important area, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. These can include infections, blood clots, fractures in the vertebrae, injury to the surrounding nerves, failure of the fusion hardware, and more!

2. It doesn't always work - In fact, over 1 out of every 10 people who undergo fusion surgery will need to have ANOTHER spinal surgery within 5 years of the first, either because the first surgery didn't fix the problem or it caused more problems and more pain. Some estimates have put the rate of failed fusions as high as 33%!

3. It's permanent - Once the fusion is done, there is no turning back. There is no way to undo it.

4. It's big business - In the United States it has been estimated that fusion surgery is performed on over 400,000 people each year, and that number keeps growing. The cost for the surgery is also increasing, and now can cost well more than $80,000. This means that each year in this country, over $32 Billion is spent on fusion surgeries alone!

5. It's a long recovery, and you're never the same - It usually takes around 2 or 3 months for a normal recovery. And there will forever be limits on some of the things you do, including physical activity, how you move at the point of the surgery, and lifting heavy items.


For these reasons, it is vital for you to try every other treatment available for your back pain before agreeing to undergo fusion surgery.

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