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3 Simple Back Stretches You Can Do Even While Watching TV

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Aug 28, 2017 @ 04:41 PM

Backpain_Guy_FB.jpgBack pain has never been more common in the United States, and in fact more than one-fourth of adults will experience it in their lives. Unfortunately most people to not have much control over getting back pain, but what they can control is how long it lasts and how intense it is by using stretches. Back stretches are very important to being able to build up the strength in the back and help relieve pain. These three stretches are so simple that they can be done in front of the TV so you can help relieve your back pain while enjoying your favorite shows!

The kneeling swimmer’s stretch

The first of the back stretches is one that is going to help build strength up. It should be done in a slow manner, while making sure that the motion is flowing and continuous. If you want to amp up the intensity of the exercise, you should do more reps or extend the length of time that you hold yourself in the rep. The pivotal aspect of this stretch is to go for full extension of both your arms and legs.

Start the stretch by getting down on the ground on your hands and knees. Use an exercise or yoga mat if you have one. Place your knees below your hips, and make sure your wrists are in line and right below your shoulders, as well. Your fingers should be in a forward-facing position.

The next step is to make sure you tighten up your ab muscles as this is going to make your spine more stabilized. Lift up your left arm and make it parallel to the floor below. The opposite leg, your right leg for this rep, should also be extended out so it is also parallel. Do your best to refrain from arching your back in any way. After holding this position for a few seconds, go back to start and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

The front plank stretch

Another of the popular back stretches is the front plank stretch. This exercise is great to help build up core strength. This stretch is performed by lying on your stomach for starters. You want to have your elbows tucked in very closely to your sides and under your shoulders. Start to make your front thighs as tight as possible to lift them up off of the ground. Pull on your toes so that they go towards your shins.  This will help to contract the ab muscles. Hold this position, with your torso off of the ground, for ten-seconds, and repeat.

The side plank stretch

The last of the back stretches is the side plank stretch. This does a great job of working your side core muscles. You start the exercise on your side. Rest yourself on the elbow and forearm that you are lying on. Then, push up with your elbow and forearm to elevate off of the ground. Have your legs extended out and stack your feet, one on top of the other. While you are elevated, make sure you contract your abs and push to get your hips as high off of the ground as possible. The goal is to make your body perfectly straight from your legs all the way up to your head. Hold the position for ten-seconds and repeat.


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