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10 Incredible Facts About Back Injuries Sustained At Work

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Fri, Jun 09, 2017 @ 03:18 PM

12 backache 470x246.pngBack injuries can not only be severely painful, but also extremely debilitating as well. When someone hurts their back in the workplace it can often leave them with feelings of helplessness because their injury is preventing them from being able to do their job as they normally would. It can also sometimes make them feel isolated from everyone else, like they are the only one with back pain. But in fact, suffering a back injury at work is not uncommon at all. Check out these 10 amazing facts about back injuries sustained while at work:

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1. Every year, over a MILLION back injuries occur in the workplace

2. When asked if back pain hindered their ability to perform their jobs, 31% of males and 20% of females said it did

3. Other than the common cold, back injuries are the most likely reason for people to miss time at work

4. In the United States, nearly a quarter of all work related injuries involving missed work days are due to back problems

5. People in the U.S. who suffer this kind of injury needed 12 days of recuperation on average before they were able to resume work

6. One in five of ALL injuries in the workplace are back related

7. Of all the back problems that occur at work, 4 out of 5 of them are related to jobs dealing with handling materials

8. Most of the injuries caused while handling materials are due to moving suddenly, bending for extended periods, the repeat motion of lifting material, lifting and twisting awkwardly, or whole body vibration.

9. Healthcare workers suffer four and a half times more injuries due to overexertion than any other profession. In fact, back pain is the main occupational health concern for nurses

10. Almost 1/3 of back injuries could be prevented with a better designed job workspace


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