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10 Fast Facts About Nurse Practitioners That Everyone Should Know

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Apr 03, 2017 @ 04:16 PM

MRI Girl Scrubs 470x246.pngNurse Practitioners have become one of the fastest growing careers in the healthcare industry. Because of this, they are having an increasingly larger impact on how patients are treated. But many people may not know much about Nurse Practitioners. So, here are 10 Fast Facts about Nurse Practitioners that everyone should know:


1. There are currently over 222,000 licensed Nurse Practitioners in the United States. This number is expected to continue to increase sharply in the next decade.

2. Some of a NP's primary responsibilities include evaluating and diagnosing patients, ordering tests as needed and then interpreting them, and managing the patients' care regarding their condition.

3. Nurse Practitioners begin their careers as registered nurses, then later decide to continue their studies to become NP's.

4. In order to become a Nurse Practitioner, a master's or doctorate degree is required, along with several certifications and advanced training.

5. Nurse practitioners can be found in all areas of health care, including hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities, their own offices, and other healthcare settings.

6. In the United States there is a shortage of primary care providers. Because of this, Nurse Practitioners are becoming much more common.

7. There are NP's in many different fields and specialties, but about 83% are certified in a Primary Care field.

8. About 87% of Nurse Practitioners are female.

9. Many NP's work as a team with physicians to help their patients. If their patient's case is very complicated the Nurse Practitioner will often ask a physician or specialist for a second opinion so they can ensure a good outcome for them.

10. Nearly a billion people see a Nurse Practitioner every year.


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