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10 Facts About Physical Therapy That Are Simply Amazing

Posted by Illinois Back Institute on Mon, Mar 19, 2018 @ 04:42 PM

low_back_pain1 470x246.pngBack pain can unfortunately be a very common occurrence. In fact, most people will experience pain in their back or neck at some point in their lives. While the majority of these cases are relatively minor and the pain will get better over time with some rest, in the other cases the injury is more severe and needs some form of intervention to treat it.

When a patient's back or neck pain gets so bad that they need to see their doctor for help, physical therapy is one of the first things they will most likely prescribe to treat it. Physical therapy has been used as a method to treat pain and injuries for a long time, and it is one of the elements that the Illinois Back Institute incorporates as part of our unique treatment protocol to relieve our patient's back, neck, and sciatica pain.

For people who have ever wanted to learn a little bit more about Physical Therapy, these 10 facts about it are amazing:


1. Although some of the techniques used in physical therapy first started being developed thousands of years ago, the actual profession of "Physical Therapist" first began during World War I. These therapists were needed to treat the soldiers who were injured during the fighting.

2. There was a huge increase in the number of Physical Therapists during the 1930's and 1940's, as they were needed to not only treat soldiers during World War II but also to help with the Polio epidemic in the United States.

3. Originally, those in the profession of Physical Therapist were known as "Reconstruction Aides", and it was a female only profession.

4. While it's no longer a female only profession, Physical Therapists are still predominately made up of women. The latest estimates show there are currently about 200,000 Physical Therapists in the United States, and 70% are women.

5. There are several different techniques involved with physical therapy, and these can include ultrasound therapy, massage therapy, using traction, or ice and heat.

6. Even though what we consider to be modern physical therapy is only a few decades old, some of these techniques were being developed nearly 2500 years ago! In fact, it is believed that Hippocrates, known as the "Father Of Medicine" began using both hydrotherapy and massage therapy around the year 460 B.C.

7. Over 9 million people undergo physical therapy treatment every year. And that number is growing.

8. Those 9 million people spend over 26.6 Billion dollars a year on their physical therapy treatment. That averages out to about $3000 per person.

9. Several studies have shown that when it comes to treating back problems, Physical Therapy can be just as or even more effective than surgery. It's also far less invasive and way more cheaper!

10. Physical therapist is one of the most satisfying jobs for people to do. In fact, a Forbes Magazine poll from 2013 listed Physical Therapist as one of their "10 Happiest Jobs".


At the Illinois Back Institute we strive to educate everyone as much as possible about their back pain and sciatica, because it is proven that the more people know about their problem the more likely they are to eliminate it!

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