Back Pain Tip: Prevent and Relieve Back Pain By Remembering To Keep Your Body Active!


Orange_spine_FB.jpgAs a society, over the years we have increasingly lead a more sedentary lifestyle. This country has become one where sitting nearly all of the time is a necessity. Most people are required to sit at work, on the way to work, or even at home to relax. The fact is that we are sitting too much, and it is having a negative effect on the health of your back!

People today are sitting more than they ever have in the past, and it is leading to more cases of back pain and sciatica. But that's not the only problem, it's the fact that we are moving less in general that is causing back pain. Always keeping your body in the same position leads to stiffness and weakness, which leads to pain. That's why this Back Pain Relief Tip is about keeping your body active!

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There is one main point to this tip and it's very simple: if you have been seated for longer than 30 minutes, stand up and walk around for a couple minutes! Your muscles need to be active, and sitting for too long is not good for them. If you can't stand up, try to move around in your chair a little bit. Do some stretches. Anything to prevent your muscles from getting stiff. Doing this can help relieve back pain and prevent more from occurring!

The following video can help you to better understand why this is so important:


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