Back Pain Relief Tip #2: The Hip Hinge

There are many reasons why someone may have back pain. However, one of the most common reasons is also one of the most well known: poor posture. Most people have been told since they were children how important posture is, and were probably reminded often to sit or stand up straight, stop slouching, or be careful how you bend. That last part is crucial, and this week's tip is going to focus on that with something we call The Hip Hinge.

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The way you bend and move is a variable that can increase pressure on the discs in your spine. The Hip Hinge exercise is designed to eliminate some of that stress that people encounter from regular activities in their day to day lives. To perform the Hip Hinge you will need a broom, 4 foot wooden dowel, or something similar. The instructions for the exercise are as follows:

Step 1: Hold the broom (or whatever you are using) up against your back, so that it is against as much of your spine as possible. Your back should be as straight as the broom.

Step 2: While holding the broom against your spine, slowly bend down while making sure that your back stays as straight as possible. Your entire spine should be against the broom while bending, with the broom being used as a guide to make sure you are not arching your back at all.

Step 3: Continue repeating this exercise so that you can learn how to properly bend without arching your back. For the first few times it may help to perform this tip while watching yourself in front of a mirror or having someone else watch you, so that you can be assured that you are doing it correctly and keeping your back straight.

By doing this exercise you will learn how to bend correctly, and eliminate some of the pressure on your back that is causing back pain!


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